2016 Good Friday Appeal

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Once again the Club has been able to hand over the magnificent total of $507,074 to the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. The amount, although a bit lower than our previous year’s record amount, is still a great credit to all members of the Club.

This amount could not have been achieved without the efforts of Uncle Bobs throughout Victoria, however, special mention must go to our Bendigo Branch who, in their 40th year, have now achieved over $1,000,000 in collections towards the Good Friday Appeal, a truly great effort and a credit to all our Bendigo Branch members, friends and the generous people of Bendigo.

There are many people who contribute towards our annual result, and we are very grateful for the assistance provided by our friends at 7-Eleven who allow us to collect at their stores on Good Friday, to the Freemasons Task Force who undertake these collections on our behalf, to the MFB and CFA, and to the many collectors out on our corners, trying to raise as much as we can towards this really great Hospital.

To our collectors out in the country areas, such West Gippsland, St Arnaud, Kyabram, Bellarine and not forgetting the Peninsula Barrow Push, thank you to every one of you, your efforts are very much appreciated and valued.

To all those who help in our counting room at the MCEC and on the Kids Day Out, those on our visitation teams, and of course not forgetting our office staff, Ray and Steph who really put in exceptional hours towards the event, our thanks to you.

And so, with the 2016 Appeal now completed, the work commences towards next year……….!! As a Club, we are continually facing new challenges, particularly in obtaining enough ‘hands on deck’ to man all our corners and collection points, and so I ask that every one of our Uncle Bobs, start planning now. Can you get a team together to man a corner or collection point, are you available to help in our counting room, is there any other way that you can contribute towards our efforts? Every ounce of assistance is really appreciated.

We had not finished counting or reconciling when we made our promise to the Good Friday Appeal at the end of the night.  As a result, we will start 2017 with a healthy reserve.

Good luck, and good collecting.

Paul Etherington – Good Friday Appeal Convenor

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