Stacey Thornton


I am new to UBC but already deeply committed to the cause of improving the lives of sick children. My motivation is deeply personal, as my third child was cared for at the Royal Children's Hospital NICU for quite an extended period of time when I lived in East Gippsland.

I have always loved everything the Good Friday Appeal represents and the passion of all those involved, and hope to contribute my skills to support UBC's initiatives.

In my professional life, I serve as a Global Business Enablement and Governance Lead for an international technology solutions company's. My role demands a strategic mindset, a deep understanding of industry standards, and the ability to drive cross-functional collaboration to ensure effective implementation of frameworks. It's a pivotal role in shaping the company's global change, managing risks, advancing sustainable practices, and maintaining compliance with international standards.

Beyond my professional life, I am a devoted mother of four wonderful children and the proud wife of an Australian Paratrooper Veteran, emphasizing the importance of family and the values I have learned through our multicultural family such as diversity, resilience, adaptability.

I have an insatiable passion for global travel, especially when it is intertwined with exploring diverse cultures, meeting new people, and experiencing different landscapes. Every destination offers unique insights, making each journey an exciting chapter in my personal growth.

Despite being the first in my family to join UBC, I am excited to inspire others to join and help the cause, potentially starting a lasting legacy. I hope my commitment to UBC is a testament to my dedication in making a positive impact on the lives of sick children, both professionally and personally.

Stacey has held the below position:

  • State Committee: 2023/24