Debbie Botha

State Treasurer

Debbie has volunteered in numerous charities over the years. She has participated in UBC activities since 2015 and joined State Committee in 2021.

Debbie has been in the counting room and on shaken tins on intersections for the Good Friday Appeal. She has an extensive background in sales and management, and is currently studying accounting & bookkeeping. Debbie’s skills in leadership, teamwork and problem solving continue to benefit UBC in various situations.

Her interests include volunteering, cooking, baking and fun activities with her kids.

"UBC is such an amazing charity not only
for everything that’s raised for the GFA
but also all the other hospitals throughout Victoria.
UBC wouldn’t survive without its amazing members
and volunteers so make sure you spread
the word and encourage friends and families
to become members and keep up the great work!"

Debbie has held the below position(s):

  • State Committee :  2021/22
  • State Treasurer :  2022/23, 2023/24

Why I volunteer for UBC

I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2011 and whilst undergoing treatment I had many tests at the RCH, going there as an adult and seeing all the sick kids I swore once I got better I’d do anything to help sick children and try and put a smile back on their faces. Then in 2015 a close friend suggested we volunteer for UBC and the GFA and I’ve never looked back!Debbie Botha