UBC State Committee’s main priority will always be the safety of our members and volunteers.
UBC Support office has developed COVID Safe Plan’s for our most common activities including:

  • Tin Placement/Collection
  • Raffle Ticket Selling
  • Meetings
  • BBQ’s
  • Market

COVID Premises Visited Register

If you are placing or collecting multiple tins or jars, or visiting multiple locations in a day. You are required to keep a register of where you visited and when.

Below is a template for you to use. 
Please send a copy with your Branch/Group returns.

COVID Premises QR Codes/Government Notification

If you are holding an event, you will be required to have the State Government QR code for attendees to scan. Please contact Support Office to arrange.

Depending on the type of event, we may be required to register it with the State Government. Please contact Support Office to arrange.