Volunteers Needed – 2017 Good Friday Appeal

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Each Easter, UBC coordinates thousands of enthusiastic volunteers, raising money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

There are many ways you can help us on this fantastic day:

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Other Collections &
Regional Activities

Counting Room

  • Money counting
  • Raffle ticket selling
  • Other vital jobs…

Kid’s Day Out

  • Face-painting
  • Fairy-floss, food and drink selling
  • Other fun kid’s activities!

To volunteer at MCEC

Metro Collections

  • Corner collections at nearly 50 locations around town (must be 16 years or over)
  • 7-Eleven collections

Regional Activities

  • Bendigo
  • Bellarine Peninsula
  • West Gippsland
  • Mornington Peninsula
  • Kyabram
  • Nathalia

4 Comments on “Volunteers Needed – 2017 Good Friday Appeal”

  1. Hi I am applying for a child’s check in order to volunteer and was just wondering if you could provide me with the organisation’s details?

    Organisation Name:
    What is the postal address of the organisation?
    Phone *
    Mobile OK. For landline, include the area code without spaces or symbols.


  2. Hi Stephanie, my name is Shaun cornell.
    I signed up to volunteer with the Good friday appeal again this year and as i have had troubles with my email i had to change it so i hope i haven’t missed any from you.
    My new email is Shaun.dc@bigpond

  3. I would like to join Uncle Bob,s club in Warragul please could you send me the details of someone I could get in touch with!phone0412290962

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