See how the Children’s Hospital Orthopaedic Section inspired the formation of UBC

kelly.reaburnOur AMAZING Volunteers

Tom Bush

UBC club historian takes you on a journey showing you the significance of the Children’s Hospital Orthopaedic Hospital (CHOS) at Mt Eliza in the formation of Uncle Bobs Club in 1942. It then tells the story of the Club’s contribution to the Hospital, the Christmas parties and the many other events conducted by the Club for the entertainment of the … Read More

Our leaders – see who has proudly led UBC over the years

kelly.reaburnOur AMAZING Volunteers

June Warner

UBC club historian takes you on a journey, introducing you to all the Club’s Presidents and State Presidents, beginning with the Foundation President Mr. Jock Mc Adam through to today. Thanks to our Historian Frank Hargreaves for putting this video together. UBC club historian takes you on a journey, introducing you to all the Club’s Presidents and State Presidents, beginning … Read More

Are you interested in joining a board for a registered charity?

kelly.reaburnOur AMAZING Volunteers

We need enthusiastic people with a passion to improve the lives of sick children. The State Committee consists of Volunteer Directors, who bring a diverse range of professional and personal skills to UBC, as well as a wealth of volunteering experience. The term is a 12 month position, beginning in October of each year and consists of monthly meetings (you … Read More

Nathalia CFA – Deeply Appreciated. AMAZING Volunteers

UBC State President, Paul Etherington was delighted to visit Nathalia to present a plaque of appreciation – along with Nathalia Branch President, Peter Mortimer and Secretary, Kylie Dohnt – to Nathalia CFA which was accepted by 4th Lieutenant, Brian Wilson. UBC appreciates all community support we receive. Nathalia CFA is always willing to support the local Branch especially on Good … Read More

Clem Kleinig and family AMAZING Volunteers

Clem 50th Wheelbarrow push

In 1956 Clem Kleinig married his sweetheart, Val, and moved over from South Australia to Crib Point, Victoria to live. Over the ensuing years he formed a friendship with local identity, Arthur Peterson, who owned the local service station and was the town mechanic. It was through this friendship that Clem was introduced to the Uncle Bobs Club in 1968 … Read More

Volunteer Isobel Attwood AMAZING Volunteers

Bob Willey presenting the life membership award to Isobel Attwood

Isobel Attwood joined the Club in 1986 when she retired from the Kyabram Cannery. Isobel recalls “half of Kyabram worked at the cannery and when you retire, joining Uncle Bobs Club was the thing to do those days”. Isobel was a member with the Club for 5 years, she then became Vice President and then President from 1992 – 2017. … Read More

Volunteer Maureen Kear AMAZING Volunteers

Maureen Kear

A recipient of the Australian sporting medal, Maureen Kear’s recollection with the Club was “long long long away”, about 40 years long to be precise. Maureen started when she was a child working what she considers ‘behind the scenes’ making all kinds of things that are sellable for the Raffle. She was quick to note that a Raffle back then … Read More

Volunteer Melinda Collins AMAZING Volunteers

Melinda Collins

Ever met someone whose hair is as colourful as their personality? We did and we are grateful and thankful she is a volunteer of Uncle Bobs Club. Melinda has an infectious enthusiasm and energy that will brighten up your day no matter how dreary the weather is. She started volunteering with the Club 3 years ago at the encouragement of … Read More