Meet Kate Irving – 2017 UBC Fellow

CharlotteBUBC Neuroscience Fellowship

Dr Kate Irving was appointed the Uncle Bobs Club General Neurology Fellow in 2017. An accomplished clinician and historian, Kate has been working within the RCH Neurology Department for four years and is passionate about supporting children with neurological conditions.

When did you realise you had an interest in neurology?  

My primary interest was in children with disability and that’s what led me into neurology, this department was a fantastic place to work and for me it just ticks all the boxes: it’s an intellectual challenge especially with diagnosis, and the genetic revolution has played a huge role in neurology, perhaps more so than other fieldsThe brain is endlessly fascinating and so there is lifelong learning. 

How did the UBC fellowship help you in your career?  

Being the General Neurology Fellow gave me primary responsibility for caring for children admitted to hospital with neurological conditions. It was an amazing opportunity to learn general neurology from my medical, nursing and allied health colleagues, and I also benefitted from the department’s research and clinical expertise in various sub-fields. Overall, the fellowship helped me build my knowledge and skills in clinical care.  

What are you doing currently? 

I am currently working as the Rats of Tobruk Epilepsy Neurology Fellow at the RCH, refining my skills in this specialty as I progress towards becoming a qualified paediatric neurologist.  

What would you like to say to UBC and their supporters for funding this position?

Uncle Bobs Club and their supporters are guaranteeing that Victoria is going to have world-class paediatric neurologists in the future and it’s just not possible without these kinds of training and fellowshipsTheir incredible commitment to the RCH Neurology Department is really inspiring and reminds me that the work that I’m doing is important and valued by the community.