Volunteer Melinda Collins

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Melinda Collins

Ever met someone whose hair is as colourful as their personality? We did and we are grateful and thankful she is a volunteer of Uncle Bobs Club.

Melinda has an infectious enthusiasm and energy that will brighten up your day no matter how dreary the weather is. She started volunteering with the Club 3 years ago at the encouragement of her sister Debbie, who joined at the encouragement of a friend Roslyn who joined because of another friend Maureen…….and our amazing volunteer list goes on!

Always game to assist when we call out for volunteers, Melinda has been in our GFA counting room the last three years and also collected with us at LaManna supermarket this year. We called on her when we needed volunteers for our head office sausage sizzle and of course, she was available to assist.

Melinda LOVES volunteering and when asked why, she said “everyone should always give something.” Fortunately for UBC, Melinda gives us her time.

Apart from UBC, Melinda also volunteers at after school programs around her community.

From her time with UBC, one thing that stood out for her were the face painters at every Good Friday Appeal. She said they are “always brilliant”.

Here is a photo of Melinda with a mini friend. When asked who the little precious is, Melinda’s response was “just a little girl I made friends with in Thailand. She didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Thai but we had a lot of fun playing and pulling faces.”

Melinda Collins

Melinda Collins

We are glad you are on board with UBC Melinda, your volunteer efforts are truly appreciated!